YouTube and Play Music will have a unique subscription, confirmed by Google -


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Thursday, 27 July 2017

YouTube and Play Music will have a unique subscription, confirmed by Google

Google has just confirmed that it will unify YouTube and Play Music subscriptions . The truth is that Google has a good gibberish in some of its services. In the case of music is especially rare. On the one hand we have Google Play Music as a pure music service and on the other YouTube, where you can also listen to music and even subscribe to YouTube Red.

The current situation is the following, as we say is the musical ecosystem of YouTube , everyone can use the Google YouTube service to listen to music. You can also enhance your YouTube Network subscribing experience. With this latest subscription, you can remove ads from videos and save them offline, and even offer free access to Google Play Music.

On the other hand we have the possibility to subscribe to Google Play Music to obtain unlimited music in streaming. The idea of ​​Google is to unify Google's two subscriptions into one, in order to enhance the user experience and make the offer more complete and transparent.

YouTube and Play Music will have unified subscription

All these movements are made by Google because it thinks that music will play an important role in the future of society. When the first changes that lead to the unification of the two services take effect, Google will notify users immediately.

The truth is that many times, may caused by the rapid and messy growth of Google, the company of the big G offers us very similar services and with a target audience not too defined. This kind of Google moves does little more than give a little sense to all your services. What do you think? Is that a good idea?

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