Amazon could be about to double the price of its biggest service -


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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Amazon could be about to double the price of its biggest service

Probably, as a digital user you are, use sites to buy on Line, since the advantages of this type of shopping is beyond doubt. However, we have bad news and comes from Amazon. Keep on reading to know everything.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon has a service called Prime and that is very useful. It consists of a number of advantages for registered users. Currently for € 19.95 a year you have access to free shipping of many products , access to the Amazon cloud to store photos, discounts, access to offers and more.

What's coming

The problem seems to be that this service, at the price that is currently being offered is very economical. And it is, so much that it is not profitable for the company. We remember that the Prime service, formerly called Premium, arrived in Spain in September 2011, just when the company arrived in our country. And he did it by spraying prices: € 14.95 per year. In March 2015 rose to € 19.95 per year. Since then, Amazon has left without any kind of upload and has also been fattening the services, which are not limited to free shipping.

Countries like Germany or France also offer it but much more expensive, specifically to 84 and 69 euros per year. The palm is taken to Great Britain, with a cost of 90 euros per year for the same service as in Spain or Italy.
The cause

We have no details of the causes of the brutal price increase that we are about to suffer. Shuffling is officially announced in this last quarter of the year, with application date for 2018. There are hypotheses such as low profitability, or even the need to equate services. For Amazon it is not logical that for such disparate prices a British user obtains the same service as a Spanish .

We do not know if finally Amazon will include some extra service for the Spanish users that somehow compensate for such increase. _Considers fair and loony the rise?

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